Photos: Farm waste dumped in Gozo sewer

Water Services Corporation

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Despite having a facility through which farmers can dispose of waste, unknown individuals have been dumping the waste in the Gozo Sewer, the Water Services Corporation said in a statement on Saturday.

Farmers in Gozo can get rid of farm waste through a facility which was built by WSC. The corporation explained that all farmers have access to it and that the slurry is processed in an “environmentally sound manner”.

In its statement, the corporation explained that several investments were made to ensure cleaner seas and therefore preventing the dumping of farm waste into the sea.

“The Corporation will take the strongest possible action at law to safeguard its infrastructure and the well being of its workers and the environment,” the statement reads.

Last February the Gozo Sewage Plant had shut down its operations because of an illegal discharge of animal waste. Around €500,000 were spent in its repairs.

The Water Services Corporation has filed a police report.