Photos: Christmas around the World

From the Arctic region to the Tiera del Fuego, Christmas is celebrated all around the world. Different cultures provide for an eclectic array of different festivities.


It is claimed that Father Christmas has a holiday home in Uummannaq.
Colourful stars hang at every window. Every village sets a lit Christmas tree on a hill. People wear the national Greenlandic white tunic during the church service on Christmas eve. Afterwards families eat warm cakes and the traditional mattak and kiviak.


The “Wigilia” begins on Christmas eve. Children and adults alike, wait eagerly for the appearance of the first star to call out “Gwiazka” (little star).
Afterwards, the twelve traditional meat-free dishes are served to bring good luck for the coming year.


Christmas parades abound around the towns and cities of this vast land. Many also take to the beach in swimming trunks and Santa hats.
Turkey or Ham are traditionally prepared in advance and eaten cold. Barbequed seafood, particularly Tiger prawns are very popular, as is the delicious pavlova.


Nigerians traditionally travel back to their villages of origin for the Christmas period. Some kinsmen will fine those who do not return.
Families will have outfits made from the same elaborate custom design.
Christmas rice is offered to guests and “Knock-out” fireworks are popped in the streets.


“Pesebres” (nativity scenes) and Christmas trees are popular in homes. It is common to see “parillas” (barbeques) on Christmas Day. “Pan Dulce” (vanilla cake made with dried fruit and nuts) and “Turrón” (nougat) are widely enjoyed.
In the city of La Plata huge cardboard figures are set on fire on New Year’s Eve.