Photos: Caritas residents celebrate carnival at San Blas

Caritas Malta

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Residents following rehabilitation programmes organised by Caritas Malta celebrated Carnival at San Blas on Sunday afternoon.

Four groups following different programmes participated in the activities with each community choosing on of the following themes – Wind of Change, Life Line, Revivals and Recovery is Beautiful. The participants had to build floats and sew costumes using recycled materials as well as a prepare a choreography. The themes chosen were a reflection of what it meant for them to embark on a rehabilitation programme and find themselves again.

The participating teams were from San Blas, a team from the Prison Inmates Programme and a team from Dar Charles Miceli.

The team from the Prison Inmates Programme who participated Wind of Change explained that they decided to join the rehabilitation programme after they took the wrong path and decided to change their direction.

The team from Dar Charles Miceli chose to work with the theme Life Line saying that it was a question of ups and downs, from death to life. They added that they found their way and are back on a path that celebrates life.

A team from San Blas worked with Revivals, saying that Caritas was the source which was giving them back their lives while another team from San Blas worked with Recovery is Beautiful, explaining that they entered the programme when they were overwhelmed by their problems and found help from Caritas.

Relatives and family of the residents were invited to attend.

In a statement Caritas remarked that the activity served as a community building exercise.

Head of Unit at San Blas Therapeutic Community Jeffery Muscat explained that the activity was aimed at bringing the different communities together. He added that the residents had the opportunity to work together and create something different which also served as therapy. This also served as an opportunity for the residents to celebrate.

Caritas Malta director Anthony Gatt thanked the staff who helped in organizing the event. He said that such activities help deliver a concrete message which shows that one can have fun and celebrate in a genuine manner without the need of intoxication.