Photos: Boy filmed with loaded shotgun in Ħas-Saptan vicinity


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

On Saturday morning a CABS, Committee Against Bird Slaughter, team monitoring the area of Has Saptan valley filmed a boy, aged between approximately 10 and 13 years, roaming the countryside with a loaded shotgun.

According to CABS the weapon was previously handed over to the kid by an elderly hunter who also watched how the minor loaded the weapon with two-shot cartridges.

Footage of the incident was shown to the police who searched the area.

“Not only is it illegal to hunt under the age of 18 but it is dangerous and unacceptable for a child to be encouraged to commit a crime with a weapon by an older person who should be setting a good example,” said Wildlife Crime officer Fiona Burrows.

CABS also said that yesterday evening its teams witnessed a Hobby, Seqer tal-Hannieqa, being shot down and found an injured Black-crowned Night Heron, Kwakka. The bird was handed over to Birdlife Malta who confirmed today that the bird was shot with lead pellets found in its chest and neck. Both species are strictly protected and may not be hunted.