Photos: ‘Are we fostering aggression, racism or hate?’ – Archbishop Scicluna

Curia –

Archbishop Charles Scicluna asked the faithful whether through their actions they are professing their values, during his homily on Friday.

Mgr Scicluna was delivering his homily during a mass celebrated at Swatar Parish Church for which APS employees were present. Earlier Archbishop Scicluna together with Archbishop Emeritus Paul Cremona led the Our Lady of Sorrows procession in Valletta for which thousands were in attendance.

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During his homily Mgr Scicluna asked the faithful to reflect on whether one is listening to and living the Word of God, explaining that while one acknowledged one’s weaknesses, one is still called to live by God’s Word, during the Holy Week. The Archbishop asked those present “When we ‘like’ a Facebook post, what values are we putting into practice? Are we fostering aggression, racism or hate? Are we keeping in mind the word of God?” He observed that while surfing on social media he often encounters aggressiveness, racism, and hatred.

‘We’re weak’

Archbishop Scicluna said that many a times one feels irritated by the Word of God as it would go against one’s instincts. He encouraged the faithful not to give up and to turn to the Lord and admit one’s weakness reminding those present of the Penitent Thief who was described by Luke as asking Jesus to ‘remember him’ when he comes into his kingdom. Mgr Scicluna explained that perhaps the Penitent Thief had never heard words of gratitude and was only condemned throughout his life, however on the cross Jesus has assured him that ‘today you will be with me in Paradise’, therefore the Penitent Thief who was condemned and humiliated was assured that eternity was his.