Watch: Riot Police at Ħal Far Tent Village

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Several riot police have been deployed at Ħal Far Tent Village at around 11.30am on Monday morning following the protest which started late Sunday night.

Aftermath of Ħal Far protest

The situation at Ħal Far Tent Village calmed down on Monday morning, after a night of disturbances following a protest that took place overnight. 

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Security officers sought police assistance around 10 pm. The situation was controlled at around 4 am. is informed that three migrants tried to access the camp drinking alcohol, at which they were stopped by the security. Police were then called on site. The three migrants were allegedly beaten by the police according to sources that spoke to, before other migrants intervened.

Initial reports said that three police cars were set on fire during the night. A police spokesperson clarified that three cars that did not belong to the police were burnt. Damaged cars included a police car and a civilian car. went on site on Monday morning to document the aftermath. 

Everyone must observe the law – PN

The Nationalist Party has said that it condemns ‘without reservation’ the acts of violence that took place during the night at the Hal Far Open Centre.

The PN says it shows solidarity with the authorities that were involved with the incident and were assaulted.

‘PN reiterates that everyone in our country has the obligation to observe our laws and anyone who violates the law and commits an offense must face criminal prosecution.’