Photos: 44 new recruits join Police Force following 9-week course


44 new recruits – 33 men and 11 women – have joined the Police Force after having completed a nine-week course.

The graduation ceremony was held on Friday evening at Fort St Elmo.

In a statement on Saturday, the Police explained that the course involved both physical and academic training, and has equipped the new constables with the professional skills required to be able to give a dedicated service to the community and the country as a whole.


24-year-old Sarah Galea was awarded the Mark Farrugia Shield for distinguishing herself among her peers during the nine-week programme.

Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà told the new members that their uniform gives them their identity. He reminded them that it is a police promise to serve the country without fear or favour.

“You are joining a force in a time when it will be adopting a new Code of Ethics, a new politics against fraud and corruption, and new rules about what other activities a member of the force can do outside of their normal work,” he said.

New recruits were urged to bring to the attention of their superiors any “bad apple” through the new systems which will be introduced to make reporting such incidents easier.

The police chief highlighted that the new recruits are an important part of the transformation which the Force will be undergoing through the coming months and years for it to reflect the needs of a modern society.

Reflecting on the needs of today’s society, Gafà said that it requires more transparency and accountability. “It is a society which continuously exposes our work through live feeds on social media. Above all else, it is a society which has to be part of the Force’s work, and this is something we must welcome with open arms,” he said.

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri told the new recruits that as police officers they represent Malta everyday.

“You can be the symbols of Malta as a country that observes public order, which believes in discipline and which above all actively works to prevent criminality,” he said.

Camilleri promised that they would find a government which is ready to invest in them to ensure that they could carry out their work serenely.