Photos: 2,500 cars stopped in October traffic controls

kontrolli tat-traffiku pulizija

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The police have stopped 2,500 vehicles for checks throughout October, identifying various offences in the process.

The Malta Police Force said that these controls were coordinated by district police, who were at times assisted by their colleagues in the Rapid Intervention Unit, the Drug Squad, the Dogs’ Section and the police garage, as well as Armed Forces of Malta personnel.

The controls took place daily and at various times of the day, in various localities in Malta and Gozo.

The most common offence flagged by the controls was a failure to wear seatbelts. Other offences included driving without a licence or insurance, speeding, vehicles with illegally-tinted glass and others without registration plates.

Breathalyser tests confirmed that a number of drivers were driving under the influence of alcohol, and the police also found people in possession of cocaine or cannabis on occasion.

A number of taxi drivers were caught driving without a mask, in breach of a legal notice seeking to control the spread of Covid-19.

The police said that other controls were carried out by the Environmental Protection Unit (EPU), particularly on illegal hunting and trapping.