Photos: 20-year-old arrested in Marsa drug raid


A 20-year-old young woman, resident of Vittoriosa, has been arrested on drug trafficking charges after the police raided a garage in Marsa. Substantial amounts of cocaine, crack cocaine, and cannabis were seized. 

The operation took place on Monday morning, and was led by the Drug Squad within the Police Force. In a statement, the Police said that at 10:30am, the RIU raided the entire building. Simultaneously, the Special Intervention Unit (SIU) entered the building by cutting through an iron door used as an access point, with the rest of the garage door being bolted from the inside with bricks.

In one of the rooms, the Police seized 63 sachets of heroin, 110 sachets of cocaine and 15 sachets crack cocaine – all ready in containers for sale. A considerable amount of cash was also found in the same room. The street value of the drugs is estimated to be around €4,000.

An inquiry was opened into this case by Magistrate Rachel Montebello, who appointed several experts to assist her. Police investigations are ongoing.