Pharmacists join calls to stop mass events

The Kamra tal-Ispiżjara ta’ Malta (Malta chamber of pharmacists) have joined calls for the authorities to reconsider allowing the holding of all forms of mass events, “especially those where it is not possible to ensure the effective monitoring of safeguards.”

In a statement, the chamber said that the recent spike of Covid-19 cases primarily linked to the holding of one such event – the Hotel Takeover pool party in a St Julians hotel – was a cause of concern, particularly since it had guided and supported pharmacists throughout the past months as frontline healthcare professionals to help them continue serving and supporting patients.

It added that it shared the concerns of other scientific and professional organisations and other institutions that policy should be based on science.

“And that we cannot talk of a post Covid-19 period until we have access to safe and effective vaccines and that we should learn from the sacrifices made by all at the peak of the pandemic in the last months; that a healthy life and a healthy economy could co-exist and one does not exclude the other,” it added.

Consequently, it believes that mass events should not be held and that the public should be advised to act cautiously “lest we lose all that has been gained to the detriment of the health of the population especially of the most vulnerable and with serious consequences on the economy.”