Petrol and diesel prices to rise as of tomorrow

The prices of petrol and diesel are set to rise as of tomorrow. In a statement the Maltese Government said that the Maltese will still be paying less than the European average.

The new price list was released by Enemed in a statement late on Tuesday afternoon, at around 6.30pm. The statement failed to clarify the reason behind the hike in prices. The newly announced list foresaw petrol which is sold as E-Unleaded will rise by 5c per litre, from €1.31 to €1.36. The price for diesel or E-Diesel will cost €1.23 per litre instead of €1.18. While E-Power will rise from €1.46 to €1.51 per litre.

Energy Minister claims that the Maltese will still pay less

In a statement the Energy Minister, Joe Mizzi, said that the Maltese would still be paying 9c and 11c5 less for petrol and diesel respectively when compared to the average prices in Europe.

According to the same statement, there are only 8 other European countries with cheaper prices than Malta. The Minister insisted that when compared to the first month following the change in administration in 2013 the petrol and diesel prices remain 15c and 17c cheaper respectively. The Minister said that the price remained stable for 82 consecutive weeks however the increase in international oil prices pushed the European average up.

The Deputy Leader of the Nationalist Party and Energy spokesman David Agius said that the in raising fuel prices, the Labour Party was breaking a promise it had made to the people. Furthermore, Agius argued that apart from spending more time stuck in traffic, people would now also have to pay more to be on the road.