Petition to defend the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in times of COVID-19

Photo by EUTERS/Simon Dawson

The Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with Disability (MFOPD) represents Malta on Inclusion Europe. Inclusion Europe submitted a petition to protect the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. 

  • We call for measures that protect people with intellectual disabilities during and after the Coronavirus emergency.
  • The Coronavirus emergency puts the rights of people with disabilities at risk. 
  • Several national laws and practices did not respect European legislation and the UN CRPD
  •  Some rules denied people with disabilities healthcare. 
  • People with intellectual disabilities could no longer access the support and care they need.
  • Most of children with intellectual disabilities are not able to continue their learning because schools cannot communicate with them.
  • Families are left on their own.
  • People in care homes or institutions were being locked down.
  • They could not see their families and friends. 
  • A lot of people with disabilities have been infected and died from the virus in institutions.

The petition calls for:

  • Post-Corona financial measures that reach out to people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Post-Corona health measures that protect people with intellectual disabilities.

On 19 May 2020, the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament heard the petition.

The petition was well received by all MEPs. 7 out of 8 MEPs declared their support to keep the petition open.

Marthese Mugliette, President, Malta Federation of Organisations  Persons with Disability