Petition calling for stop to mass gatherings gathers steam


With 14 new cases of Covid-19 doubling the number of active cases in Malta overnight, thousands have signed an online petition calling for a stop to mass gatherings which was launched just this morning.

The apparent resurgence of Covid-19 in Malta is, at least in part, linked to a cluster of cases resulting from a weekend-long pool party in St Julians. Health professionals, including the Malta College of Pathologists just this afternoon, have been questioning the logic behind allowing such events to happen while the pandemic remains a reality.

Such concerns led a concerned individual to open an online petition on, appealing to the government in Malta to “stop all mass gatherings immediately.”

The petition quickly made the rounds on social media, and has gathered over 3,000 signatures at the time of reporting, with multiple new signatures coming in every minute.

The reasons cited by signatories for their decision tend to be similar, with many arguing on the need for people to act responsibly around one another.

Naturally, online petitions are in no way binding, but they can shed a light on public sentiment. And if this petition is any indication, many people are clearly concerned about the continued prevalence of mass gatherings while the pandemic persists.