Peter sniffs out €210,000 in undeclared cash

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Peter, the Customs canine sniffer dog, alerted Customs officials to a passenger carrying €210,000 in undeclared cash.

Passengers departing to Istanbul at the Malta International Airport were being screened by officials and by Peter, who gave the alert to search a particular passenger. Upon searching the passenger’s belongings, €210,000 were elevated. The Police Economic Crimes Unit was informed about the case and placed the passenger under arrest pending investigations.

In a separate case, a passenger was selected for further inspection whilst screening Schengen flights at the Departures Lounge. After discovering nearly €5,000 on the passenger, the passenger’s luggage was offloaded from the flight that he was departing on and found to contain an additional €10,000 hidden in various clothing items. €10,000 were returned to the passenger with the rest being seized by Customs.

Passengers carrying any amount of money, in cash or cheques, equivalent to €10,000 are obliged to declare them to Customs as per European law.