Peter Agius to contest for MEP

Facebook - Peter Agius

Peter Agius, ex-head of the European Parliament Information Office in Malta, has announced that he will be contesting in the European Parliament elections.

In a press release, Agius said that he has been working in EU institutions for the past 16 years. He has also been writing President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani’s speeches since 2017.

Agius claimed that there are people and sectors which have been neglected by the EU vision, namely fishermen, farmers and Gozitans, along with small businesses. He went on to say that in some aspects, it seems that Malta’s standards, which are EU regulated, apparently only seem to exist on paper. He mentioned blue flag beaches, saying that yet, they are filthy every year.

The next MEP elections will be held in May 2019. Last week, the Labour party announced their own group of candidates who will be taking part in the elections.