“Perpetrators of domestic violence need help and support”

Presenter Peppi Azzopardi said that in Malta we have a system where those carrying out a harmful act are punished without focusing on providing help or support to the perpetrators.

In an interview with Fr Joe Borg on 103 Malta’s Heart, Peppi Azzopardi was referring to the case of a 45-year-old man from Birkirkara who allegedly hit his wife because he did not want her to watch the programme, Xarabank on 7th January because the topic being discussed was domestic violence.

Peppi Azzopardi said that it was right that the man was denied bail after his wife reported the abuse however, he questioned if the man is now being given help to stop being violent and abusive.

Azzopardi said that unfortunately, our system’s focus is solely on punishment.

He then mentioned a case of domestic violence which he described as terrifying. Peppi Azzopardi recalled how during a particular Xarabank programme, which he was presenting, a woman came to the studio to seek his help. The woman was a victim of domestic violence. Azzopardi said that he could not immediately talk to her as he was presenting and the programme was live. By the time he was available the woman had already left. The following day Peppi Azzopardi said he received the news that the woman was killed by her husband.

Peppi Azzopardi explained how in case of drug abusers or drug dealers who are sentenced to prison there are programs in place which provide prisoners with help, support to help them adjust to life after prison but the same concept is not provided to domestic violence perpetrators and said that authorities need to act now to encourage victims to reach out for help and to avoid having more women being killed as a result of domestic violence.