Permits to uproot trees at Manoel Island, Xlendi renewed

Steve Zammit Lupi

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Two permits to uproot and transplant trees at Manoel Island were among the six permit applications approved during a board sitting this week by the environmental watchdog.

In a statement on Saturday, the Environment and Resources Authority said that it considered six applications for environmental permits during a board sitting the day before.

Two applications concerned the renewal of permits for the uprooting and transplanting of trees at Manoel Island which were approved together with conditions for transplanting, compensatory planting of 150 indigenous trees on site and imposition of related bank guarantees.

Another application concerned the renewal of a permit for interventions on trees related to the works in the main parking area of Xlendi. The works shall be covered by a bank guarantee. A total of 65 trees will be affected by the works. 40 shall be transplanted while 48 trees will be planted as compensation for the 25 trees that cannot be transplanted.

Another application covered the operations of a petrol service station in Victoria. The changes in the existing environmental permit relate to changes in the configuration of the fuel tanks and the respective air abatement infrastructure. 

ERA considered an application to renew the permit to operate a laundry and dry cleaning in Gozo. Through the renewed permit the operator shall continue the monitoring of emissions from these activities, in line with applicable legislation.

Another application related to the variation of an existing environment permit which had been issued on 6 November 2019 to allow waste management activities related to receipt and temporary storage of hazardous waste at a site tat Ta’ Għadajma, Mqabba. This variation included the addition of waste codes that are allowed to be stored pending export.