Perception that enforcement is slack with the rich – Alfred Sant

Alfred SANT in the EP in Strasbourg

The maxim that there is a law for the gods and a law for the beasts is being reflected in a Tweet by former Leader of the Partit Laburista and former Prime Minister Alfred Sant. Truth be told he did not go the whole hog, but spoke of just the existence of a perception of double standards when enforcement is concerned.

“The perception is growing”, tweeted Dr Sant,  “that regulations get enforced most when ‘normal’ people are involved.”

Then he continued:

“When the rich, the well-connected and the powerful are concerned, enforcement goes slack. The government needs to show that this perception is incorrect.”

Not all is going well – Sant

Sant’s reference to “perception” can be considered to be a stylistic hypothetical way of avoiding to say that this is the way things are. The visual accompanying the Tweet is very relevant. It is a photo of Euro notes and some loose change. This interpretation becomes even more credible when today’s tweet is taken in the context of some recent Facebook posts of his criticising the Government.

“Many people are getting the impression (and I am one of them) that not all is going well when building permits and developments are concerned.”

To dampen a bit the direct criticism to the Government, Sant added:

“If our assessment is mistaken, it is the responsibility of those in authority to give a transparent explanation of the method use in taking decisions. But if we are correct in our assessment, then Government should change those responsible to give such permits.”

He upped the ante: “No one should be permitted to hide behind someone else to further his plans.”

On November 2, he called for the resignation of Perit Elizabeth Ellul the Chairperson of the Planning Commission responsible for the permit to what has become known as the dilapidated għorfa-to-villa project in Qala.  

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