People protest in disapproval of Miżieb government deal with hunters

Several people gathered at the entrance to Miżieb to voice their concerns over the deal signed between the government and the Federation for Hunting and Conservation in which Miżieb and l-Aħrax were handed over for management.

In a statement sent on Sunday evening by BirdLife Malta, the NGO said that people spontaneously gathered on Sunday afternoon at the time which the agreement had to be formally signed.

Earlier on Sunday morning, the FKNK accused the NGOs of having a hidden political agenda. The hunting lobby dubbed rumours of a protest scheduled for Sunday as a provocation, adding that the signing was brought forward by two days to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

The signed deal was announced on Friday by the government in a statement released through the Department of Information.

The media was not invited to the event.

BirdLife Malta also noted that the event was held in the presence of a large number of police officers, adding that ironically that it was more than those detailed on a daily basis to monitor the ongoing hunting season for illegalities.

Representatives from the NGO coalition Spazji Miftuħa addressed those present announcing preparations are under way for an event in protest against this deal.

The NGOs said that this will be held in the near future.