‘People need to know which allegations about the rental market are true’

The dean of the Faculty of Social Well-being Andrew Azzopardi said that he commended the initiates that were taken by the Government to deal with the rental market, with the Faculty welcoming the initiative.  The Faculty published its position on the White Paper published by the Government which attempts to propose an improved modus operandi of the rental market.

In a statement, Azzopardi said that the Maltese need to know which allegations were true. He further explained that people need to know whether rents were stabilizing or whether they were skyrocketing, the number of people living in garages, the number of evictions, among others.

The statement further continued that the preferred situation would be one in which landlords would still find it reasonably profitable to invest in housing for rent. Azzopardi argued that at the same time the government would provide social housing, regulate the market and subsidized for affordability and long-term sustainability.

The faculty commended contract registration which it described as good and an essential step towards collecting data. The faculty described the need for updated and reliable about population growth and the market pressure from new employment and resident categories that influence availability, stability and prices, would emerge when one registers a contract. The faculty said that updated information on how much the population of the islands has grown during the last two or three years was needed as well as information on which population segments tend to exacerbate market conditions.

Another point the faculty makes is the need for monitoring and discouraging potential abuse by the landlords of the freedom to set reasonably profitable and fair rents. The faculty underlined the need to monitor what was happening in the demand and supply in the various segments of provision and of the market, affordability of requested rents, contract duration and stability and evictions.

The press statement by the Faculty of Social Well-being may be read here.