People are endangered by tables and chairs on the sidewalks – AD

During a press conference in Gżira, Alternattiva Demokratika  Chairman Carmel Cacopardo is called for a revision of permits for tables and chairs from establishments on the sidewalks of  Gżira and Sliema. The situation is becoming so awful that some cases would benefit from an outright revocation of their public space permit as such is blocking the access of urban infrastructure to individuals.

Cacopardo stated with that the authorities expect pedestrians to walk in the middle of the road as establishments are filling up the sidewalks with their chairs and tables. He also stressed on the double parking issue which is a huge and dangerous issue in Gżira, just like other similar places where restaurant outside operations in these localities is becoming unacceptable.

Ralph Cassar further explained how public spaces are being taken by businesses with the approval from the authorities. He also stressed that these same authorities are not considering the inconveniences caused to the residents and the blocking of public access amongst when issuing permits.

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Photos: Alternattiva Demokratika,