Penguin who staged ‘breakout’ apprehended by Nottinghamshire police

The police p-p-pick up a penguin!

Photo credit: Nottinghamshire Police / Facebook

Nottinghamshire police officers caught an unusual flightless ‘felon’ during the early hours of Sunday in the form of a Humboldt penguin who had escaped from a farm enclosure.

The bird was found during a patrol in Strelley, near Nottingham, UK. In a post on Facebook, Broxtowe North Police said that the penguin had escaped from his home and travelled around a mile before Nottinghamshire Police officers came across him.

Police Constable Gareth Philp, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We were very surprised when we came across a penguin on our shift. We see some very interesting things while out on patrol, but a penguin walking up the middle of the road has to be one of the more bizarre findings we have come across.”

Photo credit: Nottinghamshire Police / Facebook

The friendly penguin, nicknamed Po-Po by the officers after its willingness to pose for some photos in front of the police car, was safely returned to its owner.

Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus humboldti) are native to South America and named after the current of water in which they swim, which takes its name from Prussian explorer Alexander von Humboldt.