Pembroke beachgoers held up at gunpoint


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Two men who went for a swim in the Pembroke coast were victims of an armed robbery on Monday afternoon, with two youths holding them at gunpoint and making off with one of their bags.

The alleged robbers – two Maltese youths aged 18 and 22 – were reportedly arrested shortly afterwards, though a police spokesman was not in a position to confirm this when contacted by

The incident occurred at around 5pm, in a stretch of coast close to the White Rocks complex.

Recounting the experience on Facebook, one of the men said that he went for a swim with his friend, and met two other friends on site. They were approached by “2 strange guys” whose faces were covered, with one of them brandishing a pistol. His initial reaction was that the act was a prank, but he soon realised that it was not when the gun was pointed to his forehead.

He was asked for money, which he did not have on his person as he had just come back from the water, but his friend intervened and tried to grab the gun-wielding robber. The two robbers fled towards the White Rocks area, but not before making off with the man’s bag.

The police were called, and according to the robbery victim, the two young robbers were caught within two hours.

But while the police confirmed that the armed robbery took place and that  number of people have been held in connection to the crime, they could not confirm the identity of these persons.