Peace is based on truth and justice – Bishop Galea-Curmi

Interior peace can only be achieved if one lives in truth and seeks justice. This was the assessment made by Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi on 103 Malta’s Heart as a ‘resolution’ for the New Year. Bishop Galea Curmi was asked by presenter George Cassar what is the greatest challenge faced by society in 2020.

Bishop Galea Curmi said that society, at the moment, needs to tie its roots in human and Christian values. This, he said, is the only way in which choices and decisions based on values can indeed transpire. Bishop Galea Curmi referred to the values of honesty and integrity, the search for justice and truth, unity and peace. He said that trying to create peace without truth and justice is similar to creating a mask, which, when it falls off, one realises that there is no basis for peace.

The Auxiliary Bishop said that the emphasis on values is important because it helps a country build on its beliefs. Values, he added, need to be put in practice without fear or favour and decisions need to be taken not because people have been conditioned or because they feel that they can curry favour. He stressed that people need to work for what is right so that the contribution to society will be valid.