PD wants planning committee to invite Mizzi for Corinthia questioning

Partit Demokratiku wants the Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi, to attend and face questions about the Corinthia project during today’s meeting of the Permanent Committee on Environment and Planning Development.

The party is calling on the Chairperson of the Committee to request the attendance of the minister in order to clarify irregularities in the Corinthia project and Mr Mizzi’s involvement within them.

PD leader Godfrey Farrugia therefore intends to ask Konrad Mizzi;

Why are you using tourism as an excuse to justify one mega-project after another, when the real intention is not so?

Don’t you think that it is capricious to use the peninsula where the Corinthia is situated for accommodation purposes, when tourism would benefit more?

According to the party, Mr Mizzi’s concession of public land for tourism purposes within the Local Plan, are also intended ‘for high market accommodation’. They state that if the land is to be used for residential units, it would result in the need for a legal change of the Local Plan.

For this reason, MEP candidate Dr Anthony Buttigieg states that a Development Brief ‘is called for’, in order to ensure understand the full impact of the proposed development and the potential land reclamation attached to it.

In addition to pressing questions to Mr Konrad Mizzi, the PD also intends to pursue questions with the Minister for Transport Dr Ian Borg, for whom the Planning Authority and Lands Authority are part of his remit.

Are you not creating a different playing field between developers who are granted public land cheaply when compared with those who buy private land for similar development at market prices?

Do you intend to break Planning rules by using your Ministerial discretion?