PD calls on Government to reform MCCAA law


Partit Demokratiku claimed that cheesecake sellers acted in a coordinated manner with impunity when announcing new prices for pastizzi in what according to the Party was an example of price-fixing.

In a statement PD claimed that some entities have declared price-fixing in public with impunity. According to the Party, the Maltese Competitive and Consumers Affairs Authority (MCCAA) acted in a “deplorable manner” and failed to protect consumers’ rights. The Party argued that the Authority was not functioning as independent and autonomous authority. 

Monopoly on grain, fuel and concrete pricing

The Party reminded that price-fixing is illegal both under national law as well as European law. The Party observed how certain monopolies were being created when it came to grain, fuel and concrete pricing, the Party argued that one may observe a similar trend in banks, ports and telephony. PD claimed that in some cases price-fixing became “legal”, citing professional fees and real estate agents’ fees as examples. The Party blamed the Unions for their inaction saying that this led to a situation where people would not have a voice.

The most inefficient authority

The Party labelled the MCCAA as the most inefficient Authority. The PD said that the Government should be ashamed given that regulatory authorities were not protecting consumer’s rights as they should.

The Party called on the Government to speed up the legislative reform concerning MCCAA. PD argued that the Authority was “toothless” since it could not issue fines on its own accord.