PD calls on authorities to regulate the reuse of construction waste

Partit Demokratiku has called on the Planning Authority and the Environment Resource Authority to regulate the re-use of construction waste, on Saturday. The PD also called on the government to address the issue of construction waste in the upcoming budget.

Describing construction waste as a resource, the PD said that Malta still lacks a strategy on construction sustainability despite it having Sustainable Development Strategy -2050 in place.

Land reclamation is not a solution to construction waste in a cyclical economy, the party said. Adding that the government lacks vision in this area.

Opposition and PD MP Godfrey Farrugia pointed out that raw material can be conserved through the reuse and recycling of construction waste. This would reduce the use of energy during the production and manufacturing, as well as reduce waste.

Former deputy leader and candidate Timothy Alden said that the long-term solution lies in regulating the way earth excavation and demolishing of building is performed.

Former spokesperson for the party Marcus Lauri highlighted that building material and products can be reused which would mean that construction waste is reduced.