PD calls for 25% of the EU budget to go towards climate change

Partit Demokratiku is calling on Malta to join the eight EU member states that calling on the EU to devote 25% of the next budget to climate change.

In a statement, the four PD candidates for the European Parliamentary elections; Camilla Appelgren, Anthony Buttigieg, Martin Cauchi Inglott, and Godfrey Farrugia expressed their commitment to a European economy that works for everyone.

According to the PD, the Malta economy cannot be separated from the European market and the challenges facing Malta need to be fixed through European wide solutions. They state that the Maltese are facing an increasing cost of living, inequalities in the workplace, worsening work/life balance and other challenges to the quality of life that should come before the economy and the interests of the rich before the interests of the common worker.

The candidates said that the Government can has no social conscience when there some people more equal than others.