Passenger caught with over €11,000 in cash at MIA

A man traveling to Tunis was arrested after being caught at the MIA departure lounge with €11,256 in undeclared cash on Thursday night.

Customs Officials from the newly launched anti-money laundering section stopped the Libyan national during a routine spot check. In a statement Customs said that the man reportedly said that the cash which was in several denominations and currencies were savings he was taking back home.

The undeclared cash was seized and the passenger was handed over to the Police Economic Crimes Unit for further investigation. The man is expected to be arraigned in Court in the coming hours.

European law states that passengers carrying over €10,000 in cash, are obligated to declare the sums to Customs officials before travel. Passenger are free to travel with as much money as they like as long as they declare them to Customs. Failure to declare cash results in arrests, fine and seizure of the money.

Earlier this month another two passengers were arrested after they failed to declare cash they were carrying.