“Parliament shouldn’t be part-time” – Repubblika

Repubblika has expressed its concern about Parliament being part-time.

In a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Malta, Anġlu Farrugia, Repubblika outlined its concerns regarding part-time Members of Parliament (MPs). It referred to the report published by the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life regarding Opposition MPs who are employed in the public sector and who allegedly were not turning up for work on a regular basis.

The commissioner found that according to the rules for public employees, MPs who work in the public sector are entitled to attend parliamentary activities that take place during office hours. However, he found that the system is being abused due to MPs absenting themselves from work without proper control, even to attend political and constituency activities. MPs are not entitled to attend such activities during office hours.

Repubblika stated that it does not make sense that the Government is full-time , the Judiciary is full-time, and then Parliament is only held for a couple of hours a week with pauses throughout the year.

The group stated that the situation is one that has developed over time, and that it assumes that none of the MPs are doing this with some illicit motive. However, the fact remains that it threatens democracy. Therefore, it is up to everyone and the MPs themselves to address this democratic deficit.