Parking has stolen space from the elderly – Prof. Maria Attard

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Traffic expert Prof. Maria Attard said that Malta is going for the expensive solutions when more can be done to improve the use of the present infrastructure. Speaking at the Newsbook Business Breakfast, Prof Attard said that very often we fail to see the existent infrastructure in our discussion on inter-modal transportation. She said that walking has decreased but then pavements too seem to have vanished or narrowed down to make use impossible.

Parking has increased but this means that people are more incentivised to use a car and the space has been stolen from the inhabitants especially the elderly. She added that routes can be made safe so that even children can be allowed to walk the streets freely. 

Transport is not an animal on its own: it works with use and design emphasised Prof Attard. She said that taking Gozo as a case-study, the life patters of the inhabitants and the design of the roads were seen as having a great impact on roads. She said that road-widening was not really a good idea since this will encourage more cars to go on the road.

We need to give priority to the people not the cars, emphasised the traffic expert. Education alone she said is not the solution: we need good design and enforcement to go with it.