Parents to save €700 a year on school transport

The Ministry for Education announced on Saturday the official agreement with another 18-transport operator that will offer free school transport for the next scholastic year and which will save families €700 a year.

The five- year agreement will cater for 42,000 children from state, Church and private schools with a gradual increase of numbers over the years.

Permanent Secretary for Education Frank Fabri said transport operators may still join the scheme and are invited to visit where one may also see the list of transport operators that are already party to the scheme.

Meanwhile a driver commented with that drivers should get a better deal as currently they are being paid from when they pick up the first student whilst for the trip from the garage to the first pick-up point and the trip from the last pick up point back to the garage are not considered.

An app will also notify the parents when their children will get on and get off the buses and minibuses participating in the scheme.