UĦM directs members to work from home

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

UĦM – Voice of the Workers has ordered an industrial action directing its members who are parents and do not have anyone with whom to leave their children, to continue working from home.

On Monday, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that as from Friday “normality will return” and that everyone should go back to work.

In a letter, the union has urged the government to allow parents to continue teleworking. UĦM called on the government to retract its decision on returning to work from office as from Friday. The union highlighted that the decision has caused undue pressure on parents with children since schools have not reopened.

Parents are at loss on who will mind their children as they are being called back to work from their offices. Childcare centres only accept children under 3-years-old, summer school will only resume on 1 July while both childcare centres and summer schools will reopen at a reduced capacity.

Parents should continue having the option of teleworking, says MAPSSS

The Maltese Association of Parents of State School Students (MAPSSS) has called on the government to ensure that parents who are currently home-schooling their children and have teleworking arrangements with their employers, continue having the option of using telework.

The association referred to the Prime Minister’s announcement, last Sunday, regarding the lifting of most of the COVID-19 restrictions as from Friday 5th June and, in particular, to the statement that “all workers are expected to return to work this Friday”.

The MAPSSS said, in a statement issued on Wednesday, that parents who cannot telework, and who have to assist in the virtual learning of their children, should not be expected to return to work before the provision of SkolaSajf/Klabb316 on July 1st.

The association said it is concerned that unless the necessary guidelines are provided, parents risk losing their jobs, considering also that employers are expecting them to return to work within two days.

It also noted how parents have not yet been provided with any details regarding the health and safety protocols that will be put in place at Skola Sajf, Child Care Centres, Klabb 3-16 or any other summer school.

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