Parents granted supervised access to minors again, family court rules

The family court has ruled for supervised access to minors and monitoring of minors to go back to normal, that is, back to the process used before the spread of coronavirus.

The Ministry for Family and Children’s Rights issued a press release this afternoon saying that Judge Anthony J. Vella issued a decree following verification done by the same Ministry, together with the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) and the Directorate for Alternative Care, that this procedure is a safe one with certain guidelines in place.

This decree was issued following an application presented by the Ministry for Family, after the Directorate had worked on a plan for supervised visits to resume.

Directorate workers will ensure that those concerned conform with social distancing measures. Access will be given to the children’s biological parents and grandparents.

The decree recommends that all those present, including children over 6 years of age, wear a mask or a visor. Hand sanitisers will be provided. Public spaces, such as public gardens, will be used for crowding to be avoided.

Children who reside in different homes will not be meeting physically among themselves, but meetings with their parents will be scheduled according to the circumstances. Minors under Care Order that have visits in private homes or sleepovers, where they reside with foster carers or in residential homes, will have access in public spaces as well.