“Parents are opting for private therapy over CDAU services” – Deguara

Nationalist MP Maria Deguara spoke in Parliament about autism and said that despite the Government’s boasting, the waiting list has resulted in the CDAU experts diagnosing a baby after two years while the service conditions have left parents opting for private help since the public centre therapy is not of adequate levels.

Deguara said that after an increase in the price of bread products, there will be an increase in the price of potato products.

While the Nationalist MP Mario Galea spoke about dementia, the Leader of Partit Demokratiku Godfrey Farrugia said that the means test for social accommodation which is €12,000 is not realistic. He said that the low middle class is pushed further down.

Nationalist MP Ivan Bartolo said that the Labour Government has not even built one unit of housing and is passing on the message of a tired government. He said that around 3,291 people are waiting for social accommodation and that 549 requests are pending for alternative housing. He said that Ana Gomes, European member of parliament described the Government well when she said that it is everything but socialist.