Paqpaqli: The Porsche did not touch grass before crash

A Court Expert told the magistrate that in Paqpaqli’s case, Paul Bailey’s Porsche did not touch the grass before losing control and crashing into the spectators.

Bailey and the 13 member committee organising Paqpaqli għall-Istrina2015 are being charged of involuntarily grievously injuring  others, causing damage to other vehicles through imprudence and carelessness, and not adhering to the regulations.

The defence is arguing that the accident was the organisers’ fault, as according to the defence, they ignored security regulations, let the public stand in dangerous zones in the track and that the barricades put up were not adequate. Meanwhile, the organisers, including the Malta Community Chest Fund, are insisting that the accident was Bailey’s fault.

In court, it was explained that when Bailey walked out of his Porche after the accident, surveyed the desperation around him and excused himself.

The expert appointed by the court, Martin Bajada explained that he appointed various experts on the case. A team of German experts from Porsche were appointed by the magistrate to assist court in tests carried out on the vehicle, which automatically switched to crash mode, and had to restart.

Court Expert Quentin Tanti said that the car did not clip the grass before it lost control, although it was on the very edge of the tarmac and grass.

In July it was said that Bailey switched off the controls before the car crashed into the crowd. Witnesses testified for Bailey’s professional driving.

The compilation will continue in October.