Pandemic far from over, Fearne warns

The relatively low numbers of Covid-19 cases being registered in Malta did not mean that the situation was about to return to normal any time soon, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne warned in Parliament today.

As he replied to a number of questions from MPs at the start of today’s sitting, Fearne stressed that the coronavirus pandemic would continue to be a reality “until there is a vaccine that is reliable and that is administered to a substantial population.”

“It is useless to pretend that everything is back to normal. We must get used to living with the virus until the vaccine arrives,” he said.

However, the minister also emphasised that this did not mean that all measures currently in place had to be retained until then.

Measures to be lifted ‘slowly, scientifically’

Fearne said that the relatively low number of cases registered in Malta was due to the maturity the public showed in following the recommendations made by the health authorities. He stressed that this needed to continue to avoid a fresh spike in cases, as had happened elsewhere.

However, he added that if such low numbers were maintained, some measures may start to be lifted in the near future, albeit slowly.

“When the time comes to start lifting measures, the process will be very gradual and scientific. With every step we take, we will carefully analyse whether we can go further – or whether we would need to take a step back once again,” the minister said.

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