Panama papers: Schembri, Hillman and Scerri want Justice Mizzi

Keith Schembri, Adrian Hillman and Malcolm Scerri, have united with the Attorney General in calling for Mr Justice Antonio Mizzi to remain presiding over the appeal case linked with the Panama papers inquest.The Constitutional Court had previously ruled against  Mr. Justice Antonio Mizzi presiding over the Panama Papers inquest, due to conflict of interest. Mr. Justice Antonio Mizzi is married to Labour MEP Dr. Marlene Mizzi.

Chief of Staff at OPM Keith Schembri, his business partner at KASCO Ltd. Malcolm Scerri, and Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi all replied to the appeal lodged by the Attorney General against the decision of the Constitutional Court requiring Mr Justice Mizzi to withdraw from the case on the grounds of conflict of interest.

Former Nationalist Party leader, Dr Simon Busuttil, had previously requested this probe in order  to investigate Chief of Staff at OPM Keith Schembri, and Minister for Tourism Dr. Konrad Mizzi, following their confirmed involvement in secret Panama companies.

In 2017, Magistrate Ian Farrugia, had ruled that there were enough prerequisites to open an inquest to establish whether government officials have been involved in money laundering through their offshore companies.

Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, Chief of Staff at OPM Keith Schembri , Minister for Tourism Dr. Konrad Mizzi , Nexia BT owners Brian Tonna and Karl Cini, KASCO Ltd. Employee Malcom Scerri and former Allied newspapers Managing Director, Adrian Hillman, have all appealed to the court against their investigation.