Panama Papers parties given 4 days until verdict

All parties involved in the Panama Papers were given four days to make their final written submission.

Judge Giovanni Grixti took over the appeal after Judge Antonio Mizzi retired. The final decision regarding the case will be taken by Grixti, who released the decree regarding the submissions.

The case started in July 2017 when former PN Leader Simon Busuttil asked Magistrate Ian Farrugia to open an inquiry regarding what was unveiled by Panama Papers. Farrugia agreed to the request but Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, his Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, current Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi, NexiaBT’s Brian Tonna and Karl Cini, Malcolm Scerri, and Adrian Hillman appealed the decision.

Judge Antonio Mizzi had started hearing the case. He is Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi’s husband, so Simon Busuttil asked him to recuse himself but the Judge did not accept. Following his refusal, Dr Busuttil then argued with the court that his right to a fair trial was breached.

Although the First Court had agreed with Dr Busuttil, the decision was then revised by the Constitutional Court. In November, Judge Antonio Mizzi subsequently postponed the next hearing to December, after his retirement.