Panama Papers: Court shoots down Konrad Mizzi’s appeal

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi’s claims that his right to a fair trial in the Panama Papers case has been breached was shot down by the Court presided by Judge Robert Mangion.

The Court said that it does not agree with what the Minister claimed during his appeal, that it is the same as prohibitory injunction proceedings. The Court said that, with his request, Mizzi is asking as a temporary remedy, that the Civil Court orders the Criminal Court to stop pending procedures. The Attorney General Peter Grech opposed Mizzi’s appeal.

In his application, Minister Mizzi said that he should not be made to have an active part in the coming proceedings, but this was refused by the Court. MEP David Casa had publicly commented when Mizzi had not shown up for his court case.

Mizzi asked the Court, on the 19th December, to declare that his fundamental rights to a fair trial during the Panama Papers case could be breached. This because of former PN leader Simon Busuttil being involved in the proceedings. He also took issue with what he described as Busuttil’s “forum shipping”.