Pallbearers no longer need PPE for Covid-19 victims

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Ray Busuttil / Facebook

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Caskets can now be wheeled into a funeral by persons dressed in regular clothing, such as family members or friends. Before, caskets had to be brought in by persons dressed in full personal protective equipment.

This was outlined in the new health measures issued by the Church. The tweaked measures outline that the casket may be placed on a trolley, which can then be wheeled in by people dressed in regular clothing. This is to avoid people wearing PPE bringing in the coffin for the funeral. The guidelines added that in the case that there’s no one to wheel it in, it would be wheeled in by the pallbearers.

The Church said that it is good to remember that the health authorities said that it’s safe so long as the casket is closed.

Furthermore, the Church outlined that funerals for Covid-19 cases ought to be held in as short a time period as possible. In doing so, priests must be ready to hold funerals in times that are not usually allocated to funerals.

To ensure more dignity for the deceased, the Church said that the casket can be covered with a drape that is appropriate for the occasion. Ideally, this would be white, and have a cross on it. The Archdiocese has provided one to be borrowed.

Measures related to mass

Other tweaks to the measures include directives related to mass:

  • Temperatures will be recorded at the entry of the Church using digital thermometers, hand sanitiser must be applied, and the person will be guided on where to sit.
  • Preparations for mass must be done with a mask on, and not a visor.
  • Vulnerable pastoral operators, such as those administering communion, should not provide service.
  • Animation should only involve music. When singing is required, it ought to be a soloist accompanied by musicians. The soloist and the musicians altogether should not be more than 6 people, and they must be 2m apart from each other and the rest of the congregation. Masks can be taken off while singing.
  •  When giving Communion, “the Body of Christ” will not be uttered. When receiving Communion, one should not say “Amen”