PA to extend all development permits


The Planning Authority (PA) has decided to extend all development permits which, today are still within their validity period but are due to expire by, or any date earlier to, the 31st December 2022.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Planning Authority said that the developments permits will be extended by an additional 3 years and applies only to permits which are already in hand.

The PA said that this decision was taken in the context of these extraordinary circumstances that the country is facing. The Authority also said that this decision will prevent current permit holders from having to carry out a significant amount of works within a short period, once normality is restored.

It was also explained that the extension will facilitate the completion of small household projects, as well as larger businesses while reducing the administrative burdens related to the renewal of development permissions already in force.

The PA said that this measure is implemented to avoid the possibility of imbalanced construction across the island once the situation is normalised.

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