PA seeks to remove height restrictions in Mrieħel and Marsa industrial areas

Citing a shortage of industrial space, the Planning Authority is proposing the removal of any building height restrictions in the Mrieħel and Marsa industrial parks.

The proposal would see building heights in both zones determined by “non-numeric, urban design policies achieving a balance between optimizing the space available whilst respecting the environment and the communities that live and work within these areas,” according to the authority.

The proposed urban design parameters guiding the assessment of building heights would include the operational needs of the business, the underground development potential, the site topography, the proximity of sites/buildings that must be safeguarded and the impact upon the skyline. No blank party walls are to be allowed.

Assistant director for planning Joseph Scalpello said that the changes were necessary for the government’s recently-launched industrial infrastructure enhancement programme to be successful.

“We are not proposing a carte blanche approach but finding the right balance in the most sustainable manner,” Scalpello maintained.

The proposed policy changes may be downloaded from Any submissions may be sent on by 29 January 2021.