PA proposes amendment to Ħal Ferħ Development Brief

The Planning Authority, PA, has published a draft amendment to the 2006 North West Local Plan and the 2008 Ħal Ferħ Development Brief, following Government’s request to make it permissible for permanent residential development on the site of the former Ħal Ferh tourist complex in Għajn Tuffieħa.

The proposed amendment will include Class 1 in the list of acceptable land-uses subject that the primary land-use within the site remains that for tourism accommodation.

The PA said that the proposal guarantees that any proposed permanent residential development on the site will only be permitted within the existing approved gross developable floorspace, GDF, and is carried out in a comprehensive manner as part of the tourist complex.

In February 2013, the Planning Authority had granted planning permission for the demolition of the existing Ħal Ferħ complex and its re-construct into a new high quality low-lying and low-density tourist resort that complements the sensitive surrounding landscape.

The proposed vacation resort was planned to include a total of 228 units with ancillary facilities including restaurant, small convenience shop, pools and bars, spa and underground parking facilities totalling to 293 parking spaces. The facilities were to be accommodated within a dynamic flowing “ribbon building” undulating along the site with landscaping on its accessible ‘walkway’ roof and at the interface with the public roads.

The proposed amendments to both the development brief and the local plan, together with the maps and submissions received during the public consultation, that is phase 1, may be viewed on the Planning Authority’s website.

The PA announced that individuals and organisations are to send their submissions on this proposed objective in writing through e-mail to the authority by not later than 15th December 2020.