‘PA is abusing the land adjacent to quarries’ – PD

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PD has stated that in the process of granting permits so that unused quarries are turned into solar farms, the “Planning Authority (PA) is abusing this policy” by extending the permits to adjacent agricultural land.

Party Leader Godfrey Farrugia said that “We have a PA who does not value our natural capital and an Environmental Resource Authority that is too weak to counteract its abusive decisions”.

Although the PD welcomed the implementing of solar farm policy, it added that it categorically deplores the manner by which the Planning Authority processes these permits. Quarries which in the past have been rehabilitated to agricultural land cannot be applied for such approval, stated PD.

PD MEP candidate Martin Cauchi Inglott has said that a solar farm permit has been issued in an Mgarr quarry just beneath Falka Gap ridge. He said that due to the minimum design requirements, the screening of such solar farms is going to be ineffective, adding to the negative impact the construction waste will leave on the soil.

“Normal houses will only be afforded by millionaires” – Cauchi Inglott

PD MEP candidate Martin Cauchi Inglott asked the public if it feels comfortable living in a country where normal houses are only afforded by millionaires.

Cauchi Inglott added that in the next decades, the hard-working majority will become the working poor, while investors destroying what’s left of our beautiful nature and historical heritage.

The European Parliament candidate believes that Partit Demokratiku will “bring change to Malta”, as he encouraged the general public to “be part of the change and vote Oranġjo”.

“We do not question our loyalties, be they red or blue”

Cauchin Inglott said that Saturday’s election will test whether the public wants more of the same politics, or whether Malta opts for untainted third parties. He explained how most families are born into a political party, and don not question their loyalty. The PD candidate there are few shades between PL and PN, and encouraged the public to reflect and consider moving out of their comfort zones.