PA approves 12-storey ‘Shoreline’ development at Smart City

Credit: PA

The Planning Authority has approved the construction of a 12-storey residential development at Smart City.

The 14,000 square metre project will consist of around 400 flats as well as commercial and retail space for shops, bars and restaurants.

Ten votes to one approved to development which has already faced questions regarding is impact and the methods to change the Smart City masterplan.

It is understood that Smart City Malta had approved the transfer of development space amassing 35,000 sqm to the location of the Shoreline site.

Land Bartering

The board member who voted against the development was Annick Bonnello. The NGO representative said that this demonstrated land ‘bartering’ in favour of the developer and it was not on.

Despite concerns from the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage over maintaining the seven-storey limit on the site, the PA Case Officer said the transfer of 35,000 space, ensured that the visual impact would not change the current skyline.

It is estimated that a quarter of a million cubic metres of construction waste will be created by the project (230,000).

Edwin Mintoff, the Project architect said that there would be a recycling of the waste produced.

800 car parking spaces

According to the Planning Authority, the new development will also host 800 car parking spaces.

The commercial developments attached to the facility will link with the Laguna Walk, new landscaping and a communal pool.

PA rejects Palazzo Giannin development

The Grade 2 protected Palazzo Giannin and its extensive gardens have been spared from losing their important heritage value after the Planning Board unanimously turned down a planning application development proposal on the site.

The Board cited that apart from departing from the decision of the Planning Appeals Board, the proposed layout with three residential blocks will have a negative impact on the distinct character of the scheduled property and its context. This entire property is an important heritage asset which merits preservation. The proposed layout was compromising the integrity, and homogeneity of the scheduled property.

The proposed project included the excavation works for a basement level of garages, the construction of 27 overlying residential units, and the restoration of the remaining garden area.

Credit: PA

Mistra Village development renewed

The Board renewed planning permission for the redevelopment of the former Mistra Village complex in Xemxija which property had ceased operation in 2004. A full development permit had been issued in October 2013. The approved project included the comprehensive development of the entire site which includes a residential complex, retail outlets, restaurants, offices, spa, pool clubhouse and 1,617 car parking spaces. A total footprint of 28,000sq.m is dedicated to open space with communal outdoor pool.

Credit: PA