PA, ‘another captured state institution’ serving developer’s interests – Repubblika

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Repubblika has argued that the Planning Authority is now hostage to the interests of the developer and not the public.

The Rule of Law NGO has said that the body which oversees applications for new building developments, ‘is yet another captured state institution, which instead of promoting the common good enables the greedy developers’ illegitimate exploitation of our country’s natural resources.’

Repubblika makes these comments in tandem with expressing its agreement for and support of Moviment Graffitti’s upcoming protest taking place on Tuesday.

Graffitti to host ‘Protest against the Dictatorship of the developers’

Graffitti announced the protest on Saturday as an angry response to “the arrogance of unscrupulous developers” and how they run roughshod over the public’s interests.

The protest is expected for Tuesday June 18th starting from St Luke’s Hospital in Gwardamangia at 6pm and end outside the MDA headquarters, ‘to protest the arrogance of Sandro Chetcuti’s lobby,’ Graffitti states.

‘Repubblika agrees with Moviment Graffiti that developers do as they please all over Malta, to the detriment of residents who have to face, day to day, noise, dust, road closures, traffic, illegal dumping of waste, physical hazards, and the arrogance of the developers. We have reached a point where construction workers’ lives are being systematically sacrificed as developers ignore health and safety rules.’

Repubblika adds that members of its Executive Committee will be attending the protest, encouraging the public to join them.