Overtime and Part-time work should be taxed up to 10% – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Leader of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia has said that any overtime or part-time work should be taxed up to 10%.

Dr Delia made this station during an interview on the PN radio station Net FM earlier today, in connection with the 100-budget proposal made by the PN.

He explained that the Nationalist Party is assessing the budget debate, seeing its challenges and proposing its own solutions.

PN proposes a 10% tax capping on overtime

‘The government is increasing the economy with a population and an economic model that is having negative effects on many sectors,’ Delia said.

Going further, he explained that the biggest failure of Malta’s growth is down to a free and unrestrained development plan.

‘We have a government policy that focuses on the immediate without considering the generations of tomorrow’s needs.’

He said that the Government was placing too much emphasis on the economy rather than the environment, resulting in an alarming rate of pollution and congestion in the country.

The PN has a problem with the cost – PL

Responding to Delia’s comments, the Labour Party said that in reaction to the PN’s questioning of the Government’s recurrent expenditure, the opposition was doing nothing but attack the Government’s initiatives to increase services and improvement of worker’s conditions.

‘Since PN has a problem with spending, then they must have a problem with pay raises for teachers, nurses and the police,’ PL said.

Government should implement the Venice Commission to show there is rule of law in Malta

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that the Government should be acting faster to implement the recommendations of the Venice Commission to really show that there is the rule of law in Malta.

In a statement, Delia said the court had dismissed the Attorney General’s appeal on behalf of the government, that had wanted to see this cause dead and buried.

“I am not satisfied, but concerned that we’ve reached this stage. It’s the Government’s hard-headedness. They are trying to capture the courts,’ he said.

He said that the Opposition together with civil society, has been warning since April that the Government needs to modernise its process for judicial appointments.