Over €18,000 collected in fundraiser for Dar Bjorn

€18,320 has been collected during a concert at St Joseph Band Club in Għaxaq in aid of Dar Bjorn. The money will go directly to Dar Bjorn in aid of Bjorn Formosa’s latest project which is the development of a larger house to accommodate more people suffering from ALS.

The activity took place on the 17th of May a fortnight before the village feast. Various artists amongst which Vinyl Paradise, Airport Impression, DJ Pierre Cordina and the foreign group Break Free- Long Live the Queen collaborated to the success of the evening.

Various volunteers dedicated their free time to see a positive outcome of the evening. The St Joseph Band Club, Għaxaq volunteers are also urging other band clubs to come up with similar activities in aid of persons suffering from various kinds of diseases and health conditions. They also pledged that they will continue to help the needy in the future.