Over €100,000 distributed through Animal Welfare Fund

17 associations have received over €100,000 in funding this year through the government’s Animal Welfare Fund, tables figured in Parliament show.

Animal Rights Minister Anton Refalo was replying to a parliamentary question by Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo, who questioned what a €85,000 allocation to the Animal Welfare Fund in the ministry’s budget was being allocated.

He confirmed that the actual allocation this year has been €103,628.90.

The funds were allocated for various purposes, but primarily covered structural changes required in associations’ facilities as well as food and medicines for animals.

National Cat Society€15,722.23
Gozo SPCA€12,000
Association for Abandoned Animals€11,904
Noah’s Ark Foundation€11,280
Carers for Stray ana Abandoned Felines€6,088.32
Animal Care Malta€5,600
Dreams of Horses€4,236.8
BirdLife Malta€3,687.95
Nature Trust – FEE Malta€3,200
Felines Forever Association€2,400
Island Sanctuary Association€2,400
Love for Strays Malta€2,400
St Paul’s Bay Charity€2,400
Stray Animals Support Group€2,400
The Malta Rabbit Club€1,920